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Our passion for website development extends beyond a fleeting day trip - at Mokeyi, we're invested in every step of your journey.

We create a user experience that is true to your brand essence and develop websites that spark genuine connections between your users and your products.

Leave the map to us. We'll guide your business to online success.

Step 1 - The Discovery

Our first meeting is an opportunity to get to know each other.

We'll explore the heart of your business, starting by rediscovering its origin, purpose, and evolution. We'll define your goals and explore how a new website can help you.

Whether your goal is to connect with your audience or facilitate online sales, we'll align our expertise with your vision to find the best solutions for your business growth.

Step 2 - The Planning

In a discussion focused on design and functionalities, we will concretely shape the user experience.

Thinking about the desired interaction between your product and your visitors will allow us to clearly define the structure of the website. We'll explore various visual identities to choose the one that suits you best. We'll also analyze the competition to find the best approach to adopt.

Our commitment is to create a website that reflects your brand essence and enables users to meaningfully engage with your product.

Step 3 - The Journey

After having established our foundations, it will be time for us to develop a professional and performant website aligned to your business needs.

While deep in code, we’ll however maintain open communication, including check-ins for feedback, to ensure that the final product perfectly reflects your vision.

Step 4 - The Destination

We have finally reached our destination and you now have a website unique to your brand. We'll tour the website together and empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to manage it and edit your content autonomously.

After a final quality check, your website will be ready to be deployed online!

Step 5 - Our Safe Haven

Time to relax and appreciate the scenic view! 

Enjoy the benefits of your new website, knowing that we're always at your side when needed.

We'll carry out regular maintenance in addition to monitoring performance and online traffic. We'll ensure that your website evolves well over time and always meets your needs and those of your customers.

About your expert guide...

Mokeyi started with a lifestyle vision. During my 20s, I lived an unconventional lifestyle, often travelling for months at a time. I backpacked in Central America, Europe and Southeast Asia, often working seasonal jobs to extend the duration of my trips. As I began to build a sustainable career, I learned that web development could support my passion for travel and allow me to learn and exchange with people. I jumped right in. That was 10 years ago...

I started as an employee at a web agency, enabling me to learn from experienced web developers, master new tools, understand end-to-end project management, and discover my strengths. Then, I took a leap as a freelancer, working with multiple web agencies and supporting clients across industries, and, soon after, Mokeyi was born.  

At Mokeyi, we have a deeply held purpose to empower local businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups by creating a user experience true to their brand essence and developing websites that spark genuine connections between their target users and products. Mokeyi is supported by other freelance professionals, graphic designers, marketing specialists, and content writers who share our purpose.

We are incredibly grateful to our clients for trusting us and choosing us as true partners in the success of their business. We hope that, you too, will allow us to expertly guide you on your online journey.
Simon - Avid Traveller, Web Developer, and Founder of Mokeyi

The Collectif of 
We partnered with a Collective of owners, producers, and consumers whose mission it is to promote local agricultural and forestry in the Bolton-West region of Quebec.

Collaborating with graphic design company Effet M inc. on the design strategy, we developed a new website to connect residents of the community with the products of the Collective in addition to gaining greater visibility in nearby regions. Its intuitive design makes it easy for users to discover the products, learn more about the artisans who make them, and make purchases.
Competitive pricing for this quality of programming and above all great communication to arrive at a remarkable final product.
Martin Breton - Founder of Effet M inc.

Takata Experience &
Mares Center
We partnered with Takata, a unique Diving and Research Center located in Mahahual, Mexico with a vision to protect marine biodiversity through diving and research.

Collaborating with digital marketing agency Picard. on the conception and marketing strategy, we rebranded Takata and created two websites to capture the essence of its two identities: meaningful diving experiences and its research centre. 
His attention to detail ensures our projects are both functional and user-friendly. Highly recommend!
Benjamin Picard - Digital Business Consultant

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The Collective of 
Takata Experience &
Mares Center

Services Available:


Just as a billboard must persuasively market products and attract customers, a website needs an engaging storefront to attract and convert visitors into customers. We specialize in designing professional, user-friendly websites that make it easy for your clientele to find what they need, without asking for directions.


Interested in an extra point of sale? Nothing beats the convenience of an online store, where customers shopping needs are at their fingertips. We create easily manageable tools that seamlessly automate orders, reservations, payments, stock tracking, and email notifications. It's a one-stop solution to propel your user's shopping experience forward.

Search Engine

Enhance your online presence and effectively reach your target audience by leveraging the best SEO practices. We'll assist you in setting up your Google Business Profile, optimizing your content and keywords, and exploring strategies to reach and engage your audience. There's no doubt you'll stand out from your competition.

Hosting and

Consolidate your website services in one place to reduce cost and, most importantly, gain peace of mind. Our hosting and maintenance package includes personalized website care such as additional backups, security updates, premium plugin licenses, and performance and traffic monitoring. Relax knowing that your website is in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our mission is to empower local businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups by creating a user experience true to their brand essence and developing websites that spark genuine connections between their target users and product. 

Our collaborations touch a wide variety of sectors, including retail, hospitality, technology, agriculture, artisanal products, professional services, etc. 

We vibe with business owners who are passionate, dedicated to their vision, and invested in the growth of their business. We are incredibly grateful to our clients for trusting us and choosing us as true partners in the success of their business. Thank you for allowing us to expertly guide you in your online journey. 
All of our websites use WordPress, the most popular content management service worldwide. This platform enables us to offer high quality websites at a reasonable cost. Known for its user-friendly admin interface, WordPress empowers you to autonomously edit your website content with ease.

WordPress also offers thousands of plugins that extend its functionality, allow for customization, and enhance performance. Our expertly chosen plugins are included in our hosting plan.
Your investment will range from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the complexity of the project. Our hosting and maintenance plan is a $750 investment per year.

The typical project length is 4-6 weeks, depending on your level of involvement. We'll work together to build a timeline that aligns with your needs and the complexity of the project.
Hosting refers to the servers that host your website. These are computers that run 24/7 and connect your website to the network that can be reached via your unique domain name. The hosting plan that we provide is curated to serve all the needs of your website. Here is what is included:

•  WordPress optimized hosting: an environment designed for WordPress sites.
•  Automatic backup of the last 30 days and additional backup done manually.
•  Maintenance and security updates of WordPress and its plugins.
•  Licenses for required plugins, such as Oxygen Builder, ACF Pro and Gravity Forms.
•  Security and performance plugins.
•  SSL certificates to improve your domain's security.
•  Improvement recommendations based on performance metrics and traffic tracking.
•  Free migration to our hosting if the website is currently hosted elsewhere.
The client is responsible for providing images and content. It's easier to build the website if we have them earlier in the process, but it won't stop the development if we don't. Additionally, we can assist in sourcing extra images from online image banks for an additional fee. Writing is not our forte but we can generate basic content if you need some inspiration, and we can also recommend professional content writers if required.
We do not manage email addresses. Our recommended best practice is to separate email services from the website's hosting. Once you have access to your domain, we recommend using a reliable solution like G Suite; an email services plateform by Google that is accompanied by standard gmail apps for collaboration and production.

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